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Plasma exists at the top of the visible light spectrum, above Gamma. In essence it is at the top of the unified field. It carries no polarity. If energy is information being carried on a wave frequency then it would stand that plasma carries intelligence. Everything we are observing supports this. Introducing this energy to humans, and plants can bring out a balancing effect that initiates beneficial results. This stabilization allows the cells to resume a state of normal function. The resultant peace and calmness can only be experienced and every individual experience is as unique as you are.

Helpful Hints

Place to be in for participation

Make sure to be in a comfortable space and allow yourself some quiet moments afterwards. Allow yourself sufficient time to re-center before resuming regular activities.

Background Knowledge

In order to understand how to receive the best results from this interaction, Wayne will take about ½ hour to explain his understanding sharing knowledge and experiences so you are as informed as necessary.  How to work with Miracle This is a live interaction. We will show you how to connect with Miracle. All that is needed is for you to appreciate Miracle and be open to explore something new and willingly to receive the energy that is supporting your highest and best potential.

Mind Meld

Once everyone has been presented with an adequate understanding, we turn on some music and allow you time to journey with Miracle. During this 30-minute time frame you will have your experience with Miracle. It is recommended that first time participants only interact for 10 minutes. The reason will be explained.

* If you are a first time participant in Mind Meld with Miracle we do recommend that you take the time to read the suggested reading and watch the videos.  We are making the effort through MMM to make this technology available to everyone on this planet.  It is to your benefit to make the effort to watch this information to maximize your results from this participation.  Being familiar with the path you are walking provides clarity to the journey.
Wayne Wangler

Three Important Videos

Special Intro

Wayne Wangler shares his personal experiences with Miracle and how Miracle can be a tool for your life.

52 minutes

The Plasma Web

Based on geometry and the frequency created from that structure, the web, in a plasmatic state, is emanating a harmonic that can amplify the cell rebalancing in a concentrated fashion.

3:31 minutes

A Brief Introduction

A Brief Introduction will give you an idea about the concept of Mind Meld with Miracle.

3:28 minutes

Suggested Reading