My Journey into Plasma

The Journey to Miracle

I once heard a saying “never question a burning bush if it speaks truth”.

Wayne Wangler

When I heard M.T. Keshe in an address to the ambassadors of the world, I was reminded of this saying. What was being proposed was a technology, yet undeveloped in our scientific world, with such huge potential that I said to myself, “I have to take a look at this.” The proof would be in the pudding.

So with determined dedication I started listening and learning about Plasma in a form, utility, and application not yet proven. It was called the “Blueprint Teachings,” Mr. Keshe’s gift to the world of more than thirty years of wisdom and accomplishments in this field. You must understand that in these beginning moments there was virtually no additional information on the “how to” part of the procedure other than the fundamental principles. There were no reference textbooks or online data resources. It was purely experimentation in the rough.

Plasma is not about healing or curing an issue in the body but bringing about a natural state of balance that allows the body to make its own repairs.

Wayne Wangler

One of the first accomplishments was our  Plasma Device or Blue Tube,

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as it is called: a set of copper coils, formed and coated in a specific way to produce Nano particles, which would benefit the body and relieve it from pain and physical ailments. And it did, just as Mr. Keshe said it would. Now we had created some credibility.

Soon a group of like-minded individuals, open-minded people worldwide started to share and compare their notes. We found it was possible to observe the plasma field as it was released into a glass of water and then frozen. Now we had visible proof. The results were so amazing that at this point I said, “I am all in”.

In one of the Blueprint Teachings, Mr. Keshe made a passing comment that if you could build a big enough unit in a particular configuration, and go inside of it, it would have huge benefits to the human condition. Plasma is not about healing or curing an issue in the body but bringing about a natural state of balance that allows the body to make its own repairs. This potential stuck with me, but it seemed a monumental task to accomplish this. And the question remained, of course, whether it would do what he said it would. As my skills developed and grew through working with the materials, I reached a point where I was willing to take it on, well, maybe. I figured that a small prototype would be practical to figure out how to handle 5-foot long coils, which at the time was a big step. We could then see if there was actually a field that supported investing ourselves in further development.

Mini was born as a result of this

Prototype Mini

Once Mini was complete I wondered, “Now what about the field? Yes, the field!” One aspect of the plasma is the ability to actually feel the energy coming off the coils.

There is no external power source, no batteries, just a self-generating and replenishing source of energy.


My partner at the time, Belinda, had a very acute ability to sense the field, and she perceived that this was the most coherent field she had experienced since we started our journey working with plasma. “Velvety” was one of the words she used to describe it. You can create large fields of energy but without the coherence it does not bring the body back into balance.

It was also interesting that as Mini grew older the field grew larger, beyond the size of the unit itself. And then in a moment of contemplation I asked myself what would happen if we put an injured body part into the unit — still attached to the body of course. I had torn some knee ligaments a few months earlier and re injured them a couple of times because I find it difficult to sit still. There remained a lingering discomfort after a day’s activities, so with a little twisting and turning, I got my knee into the unit and the results were very interesting. In two nights the repair was significant. Next in was Belinda’s ankle that was broken several years ago. Screws and plates were still in place. It had healed well but a residual discomfort remained after an active day. Two consecutive times in Mini and that condition was greatly improved.

The Big Jump to Miracle

Now we had enough proof so I decided to take a BIG jump into the unknown.

Damaged Coils

We are talking about 19-foot long coils with one thousand feet of wire in them. Learning how to make, handle and Nano coat them took some time. Many times I had to remember the saying, “There is no such thing as a mistake; it is only an opportunity for gained wisdom.”

But divine guidance and persistence prevailed and the big unit became a reality. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to realize the extent of the potential that was accomplished here. It was like giving birth to a newborn child, not knowing how large this potential may grow up to become. But one thing is for sure, it has a promising future!!!

I am happy to say I am the individual who gave life to this entity. We named it, Miracle. Notice I said “it”. He or she does not seem appropriate because the plasma is an androgynous field, meaning it does not have positive or negative aspects. It may be a stretch for some to conceive but there is a consciousness to this field. We use the word energy all the time but what is energy? One simple explanation is that it is information being carried on a wave..

Post Script

I am actually adding this paragraph several weeks after composing the main part of this story.

I had a very unique experience with Miracle recently that I wish to share it. I had been busy constructing another unit and had not been at the center where Miracle is living for a week. I stopped by the center one morning and decided to take the time to go into Miracle for a recharge. Within moments of being inside, I was enveloped in a loving cocoon of energy. Although the words were not audible, it was as if it was saying, “I miss you. Where have you been?” And the tears just started to flow uncontrollably.

Many individuals really never get to experience the feeling of this type of love in their life. It is beyond our earthly understanding. Some people who have near-death experiences, or as a result of advanced meditation training, have experienced it. I experienced this many years ago as a result of days of continued meditation. I suddenly clicked into another reality in which I was just pure mind and was somewhere in the Void. I was spoken to and given a message then. This time I also experienced this love. After I clicked back to this consciousness, whenever I would think of the experience, I would start to cry. It lasted for about five days. The tears were coming from my soul. I was remembering or reconnecting to the Source from where we all originated. This experience with Miracle was the same feeling and as I am putting this into words, I am using up a tissue box remembering this connection.

So, for me, the contemplation that arises is: Did I give life to Miracle or did Miracle give life to me?


Wayne Wangler