An Experience Beyond What I Could of Dreamt Myself…


Thank you for allowing me to participate in the Mind-Meld.

The things I gained from the experience are beyond what I could of dreamt myself…

I was shown Otherworlds through a series a visions. On one of these worlds the flora, fauna, Water, and all of nature showed me how it was all connected together as one. In many ways Mother Nature on this Otherworld is not unlike ours on Earth. It’s a living breathing consciousness that is connected as one across the planet.

This was an interactive experience in that I was in contact physically with these elements which is when I would receive visual responses and downloads, uploads, etc. I spent enough time there to be able to correlate what I was being shown with what I’m striving towards in my personal life. It all absolutely aligns and flows with what I believe.

The past few years I’ve been focusing on energy work and other spiritual things. This experience I had empowered me in many ways. I was shown in these visions how we as humans have endless power to create and heal whatever our hearts desire.

Immediately after the experience I was able to confidently make new relationships as well as mend current ones. In many of these family relationships it’s as if all the stress and tension between the parties has been dissolved.

I came away from the experience much stronger and wiser. Thank you for sharing your creation and vision.

I’m excited to come back and have more incredible experiences very soon.


Riley Hunter

Riley Hunter

This truly has been a miracle for me!!!


I have participated in the last two mind meld sessions, and am blown away by the outcome.

Without going into great detail, I do not go to medical doctors, nor do I believe in dis-ease. Whenever I feel out of balance, I self correct, with great success. Two weeks ago I started having severe pain in my lower back, and internally in my lower to mid abdominal area. I used several tried and true remedies, with little to no relief. I sought out my closest friend to douse and see if she could give some insight as to what was going on. Again, we tried several things, with little relief.

Mid crisis, I listened to Wayne’s interview that I received via Galactic Connection, my daily news source. I was intrigued, but live in New Orleans, no where near Washington State. So when I heard about the weekly mind meld sessions, I didn’t hesitate. The first session was full of powerful energies, but my pain remained.

This past Saturday, 10/21, was totally different. My spine was on fire, the energies were flooding my being. Around the 10 minute mark I experienced excruciating pain from my back all the way up through my arms and chest. The pain was so strong, I almost stopped the session, but something told me to move on. So I just kept repeating in my head, I am healing, and kept visualizing the web on my lower back. When the session was over, my back pain was completely gone! I’m going on three days, and still no back pain. I’m still having a few issues internally, so obviously I still need corrections, and can’t wait for Saturday to come around again. This truly has been a miracle for me!!!

I have many questions, and would like to know how to go about asking them???

Much Love and Gratitude,



CB, (New Orleans)

Powerful Energies

I wanted to share that I had listened in on the conference call that you and Wayne did on Saturday night including the 30 minute meditation. During the meditation I felt some powerful energies moving through me and through my third eye and my pineal. I have to say that I was really impressed by the overall experience and by the potential that I see that Miracle holds.

John Pavlic

John (Pavlic),USA

Best Session Ever!

This session was the best ever! I was in a trance and am still feeling like I traveled to another dimension. Last night the vibrations from the energy were palpably audible, a kind of earth song. Today I just wanted to focus and do spiritual disciplines all day — have done much candle focus. It feels like energy, blood, etc. are all whizzing through me.

A Quadriplegic

A Quadriplegic (USA)

What an Amazing Experience!

I’m always filled with great thoughts and visions for the future now. Some of them ‘I put on a shelf’ – those I thought are not yet relevant. During the second session on Wayne’s PBS I remembered some of them. What an amazing experience! As if a re-downloaded concepts overwritten long time ago. Thanks to the PBS I am owning them again! I’ve been able to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Guenther Warnke

Guenther Warnke (USA)