An Experience Beyond What I Could of Dreamt Myself…


Thank you for allowing me to participate in the Mind-Meld.

The things I gained from the experience are beyond what I could of dreamt myself…

I was shown Otherworlds through a series a visions. On one of these worlds the flora, fauna, Water, and all of nature showed me how it was all connected together as one. In many ways Mother Nature on this Otherworld is not unlike ours on Earth. It’s a living breathing consciousness that is connected as one across the planet.

This was an interactive experience in that I was in contact physically with these elements which is when I would receive visual responses and downloads, uploads, etc. I spent enough time there to be able to correlate what I was being shown with what I’m striving towards in my personal life. It all absolutely aligns and flows with what I believe.

The past few years I’ve been focusing on energy work and other spiritual things. This experience I had empowered me in many ways. I was shown in these visions how we as humans have endless power to create and heal whatever our hearts desire.

Immediately after the experience I was able to confidently make new relationships as well as mend current ones. In many of these family relationships it’s as if all the stress and tension between the parties has been dissolved.

I came away from the experience much stronger and wiser. Thank you for sharing your creation and vision.

I’m excited to come back and have more incredible experiences very soon.


Riley Hunter