This truly has been a miracle for me!!!


I have participated in the last two mind meld sessions, and am blown away by the outcome.

Without going into great detail, I do not go to medical doctors, nor do I believe in dis-ease. Whenever I feel out of balance, I self correct, with great success. Two weeks ago I started having severe pain in my lower back, and internally in my lower to mid abdominal area. I used several tried and true remedies, with little to no relief. I sought out my closest friend to douse and see if she could give some insight as to what was going on. Again, we tried several things, with little relief.

Mid crisis, I listened to Wayne’s interview that I received via Galactic Connection, my daily news source. I was intrigued, but live in New Orleans, no where near Washington State. So when I heard about the weekly mind meld sessions, I didn’t hesitate. The first session was full of powerful energies, but my pain remained.

This past Saturday, 10/21, was totally different. My spine was on fire, the energies were flooding my being. Around the 10 minute mark I experienced excruciating pain from my back all the way up through my arms and chest. The pain was so strong, I almost stopped the session, but something told me to move on. So I just kept repeating in my head, I am healing, and kept visualizing the web on my lower back. When the session was over, my back pain was completely gone! I’m going on three days, and still no back pain. I’m still having a few issues internally, so obviously I still need corrections, and can’t wait for Saturday to come around again. This truly has been a miracle for me!!!

I have many questions, and would like to know how to go about asking them???

Much Love and Gratitude,