Wayne Wangler

Creator of Miracle

“Plasma is not about healing or curing an issue in the body but bringing about a natural state of balance that allows the body to make its own repairs.”

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Suanne Baker


Mind Meld with Miracle

Along with Mind Meld with Miracle, Suanne and Wayne own and operate Plasma Balancing Sytems LLC located in Rainier, Wa.   Please come and visit Miracle when you’re in the area. Personal appointments available.

Plasma Balancing Systems LLC


Whitney Fisher


Whitney Fisher is a traveling healer, she dedicates her skills to Team Miracle as part of the gift of herself to the world to bring something better for humanity.



Nikki Darwin

Team Miracle

“We can become so in tune with Love and Compassion that there is absolutely no dark place left to go. Forcing our way around doesn’t work anymore, if it ever did? We are opening up a path of Ease and Glory…” Please Visit Nikki Darwin at

Grassroots Healing


M Pracna

Website Designer

This website is one of the many manifestations of spending much time in Miracle.  This has been a wonderful blessing in my life.  There have been many beautiful changes to my mind and body. 

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