Wayne Wangler at the 51st FESIG Meeting, April 4, 2018

Free Energy Interest Group
Originally Published April 29, 2018

The 51st FESIG Meeting on the 4th April 2018 started off with the 1st speaker Wayne Wangler presenting 'Miracle'. Wayne's journey into Plasma began from Mr.MT Keshe's "Blue Print" teachings with experiments in the rough. Wayne learnt that a small prototype would be practical to figure out how to handle 5-foot long coils, to see if there was actually a field that supported investing himself in further development. Prototype Mini was born as a result of this. There is no external power source, no batteries, just a self-generating and replenishing source of energy. He realised that large fields of energy can be created but without the coherence it does not bring the body back into balance. He decided to take a BIG jump into the unknown, making 19-foot long coils with one thousand feet of wire in them. Learning how to make, handle and Nano coat them took some time. Thus MIRACLE was born. The meeting was well attended and the FESIG attendees were amazed at Miracle's amazing testimonies. After everybody had their say, after the chair Crystal went 'round the table', the meeting was then adjourned to the next session with the 2nd speaker, Miles Johnston of Bases, UK.

Vortex Energy 2 and More

Sept 1, 2018 Mind Meld with Miracle Opening Chat with Wayne Wangler

Vortex Energy cont., channeling and bridging other worlds, benefits of morning sunlight and More.

Below are the two videos Wayne mentioned in his chat.

The first one is about the Benefits of Natural Sunlight.  The second one is The Biophysics of Fluoride.  Both are by Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse.  Enjoy.

*Don't forget to click the link at the bottom of the post to see Vortex Energy, Part 1 if you haven't seen it yet.

Originally published September 3, 2018