Sept. 1, 2018 Opening Chat with Wayne Wangler-Vortex Energy 2 plus

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Vortex Energy cont., channeling and bridging other worlds, benefits of morning sunlight and More. Below are the two videos Wayne mentioned in his chat. The first one is about the Benefits of Natural Sunlight.  The second one is The Biophysics of Fluoride.  Both are by Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse.  Enjoy. *Don’t forget to click the link at the bottom of … Read More

Vortex Energy

Wayne WanglerVideo, Wayne Wangler

Wayne Wangler talks Vortex Energy *Don’t forget to click the link below for more about Vortex Energy and exciting news and updates.

The Reveal

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One lady had physical issues and the other had quite severe emotional issues that were hugely expanded because of menopause. Both were happy to engage the unknown. One observation that has been sobering to me is how many individuals are desperate to find a resolve to their situation because no previous treatments of any type have improved their quality of … Read More