How to Join Mind Meld with Miracle

1. Sign Up

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Pay with PayPal

Add the amount and in the note include the MInd Meld Session Date and Your email address. Leave the "Paying for goods or a service?" box unchecked and click "Send Money Now."

Pay via Pay Pal

Credit Card

For those who don't have we have now set up convenient payment through The Plasma Store. Click the button below to go to the page, click "Add to Cart" and check out .

Pay via Credit Card
*Note to folks paying with PayPal

Our fee is $10.00 per session.  Gifts over and above that are graciously accepted.

*If this is your first session or your account is under a different name than yours, please make sure to include your email address in the note section which is above “Paying for goods or a service?”

3. Receive Your First Passcode

After we have received your Sign up form and your first group focus fee we will send you Zoom log in and pass code information. Zoom Pass codes are delivered 24 hours prior to the next group session so it is important that you sign up for a Zoom account right away and familiarize yourself with Zoom’s video conferencing features prior to your first session.  *See the additional information below that will help you get started with your first Mind Meld with Miracle group focus and get off to a fabulous start.


  • Set up a Zoom Account

    Set up a Zoom Account Here

  • What to Expect in an Online Session

    A valuable tool to help you get prepared for your first online session. Click Here to Read

  • Read The Reveal

    The Reveal gives insight into the sinchronicity produced with Miracle through the viewpoints of two unrelated women. Read Here

Suggested Reading

Plasma exists at the top of the visible light spectrum, above Gamma. In essence it is at the top of the unified field. It carries no polarity. If energy is information being carried on a wave frequency then it would stand that plasma carries intelligence. Everything we are observing supports this.  Read More…