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Introducing Mind Meld with Miracle
Group Focus

You are invited to experience leading edge plasma technology from the comfort of your own home through Miracle, a revolutionary new way to approach applying mind and intention. With the assistance of Miracle you can improve your life in any direction.
This session was the best ever! I was in a trance and am still feeling like I traveled to another dimension. Last night the vibrations from the energy were palpably audible, a kind of earth song. Today I just wanted to focus and do spiritual disciplines all day — have done much candle focus. It feels like energy, blood, etc. are all whizzing through me.”
– A Quadriplegic, USA

Inspiring Results

Over the past two months we have been exploring the benefits of using the plasma energy being concentrated from Miracle to remotely interact with a small test group of individuals. The results are proving to be quite spectacular.

The Results are so awe- inspiring that we want to join together many people from around the planet for a much larger “group focus” known as Mind Meld with Miracle.

I wanted to share that I had listened in on the conference call that you and Wayne did on Saturday night including the 30 minute meditation. During the meditation I felt some powerful energies moving through me and through my third eye and my pineal. I have to say that I was really impressed by the overall experience and by the potential that I see that Miracle holds.
John Pavlik, USA

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With the assistance of Miracle and the power of group focus improve your life in any direction you choose.