The Reveal

It is our understanding that the events of life’s journey can impact the state of ease or dis-ease in the body. In my earlier investigation into what the large plasma unit — we named it “Miracle” — was capable of accomplishing, I asked two separate individuals I knew if they were interested to see how Miracle could help with their particular conditions.


One lady had physical issues and the other had quite severe emotional issues that were hugely expanded because of menopause. Both were happy to engage the unknown. One observation that has been sobering to me is how many individuals are desperate to find a resolve to their situation because no previous treatments of any type have improved their quality of life. Miracle offers a potential that gives them hope and that alone is a beautiful thing to observe. After each of these ladies had experienced about four sessions in Miracle, there was a common phenomenon that came back from both individuals and the word they used was REVEAL. They said that the issue that was latent and the root cause of their conditions was brought up and laid clearly in front of their awareness to make it possible for them to observe.

A Personal Story

One personal story for me came many years ago when I met a fellow named Michael Strand. Michael had been born dead and was brought back to life. That beginning experience he had at birth caused part of his brain to open up and allowed him to have abilities that some of us long to possess. He could see and know different aspects about an individual, which were beyond the capacity for most to know. Michael also did hypnosis and one day he asked me if I wanted to go under hypnosis. “Of course,” I said “Yes.” I was always willing to explore the unfamiliar.

Sometimes the ability to see what the issue really is remains hidden, and so change becomes difficult.

Michael regressed me back to a time in my childhood I did not recall or the impact it had on me as a seven-year-old farm kid. We milked about six cows back then and it was my responsibility to take my Shetland pony, Purky, every afternoon and bring the cows back from an adjoining pasture at milking time. On this particular Saturday we went with the neighbors for an outing and I got back home later than the routine time for milking. Arriving home late was beyond my control, but milking time was milking time and I got a verbal thrashing regardless. That reprimand as a little boy, when I had really done nothing wrong within my control, left an emotional scar that when it was revisited under hypnosis caused me to weep in the chair. The emotion of that experience was being remembered and released. How simple it is to recognize that the past can cause present emotional and physical effects!

A movie that is based on a true story I suggest for people to watch is “THE THREE FACES OF EVE.” It is an extraordinary example of how a seemingly little event for an adult has devastating effects on a child. And how, once revisited and released, alters the future of that individual.

Focus on the Future

The other possibility we are starting to notice is that a past event may just wash itself away as long as the focus is on the future and not on the past. One lady had a telepathic message one day while in Miracle. I am loosely paraphrasing the words but it said something like this: “Don’t worry about your present condition you are dealing with. Focus on the future and it will all be resolved.

It is not splendid to look at a difficult past but necessary if we want a resolve from what ails us and if Miracle and plasma can assist, then we have to say, “Bring it on.”Wayne

It is quite amazing to me how most people really have no understanding that their present state of health is not just a random coincidence. Every day we impact that state by our current state of mind and the choices we make, which so often become a repetition because of past experiences. There are others who do not want to take responsibility and admit they are creating their current situation. Like a hamster running on its wheel, we just perpetuate the same old same old.

Post Script

Nothing can ever substantially change until we can look at ourselves from an objective rather that a subjective perspective. The REVEAL comes from that observer perspective and it is up to us to be brave enough to look at these events, accept them as part of our evolution, and dream a future greater than our past. The future, resolution, and healing are always waiting for us. It is just which door we choose to walk to and step through.

Wayne Wangler


Originally Posted November 17, 2017

Perceptions and Beliefs form Reality Pt 1: Mind Power

Miracle 9-9-17

I have always been fascinated with mind. I had two experiences in particular that could have ended people’s lives and becoming cadavers — one of which was me — but in both cases some supernatural state.

In the mid 1980s, I heard on the radio about a guy named Dino Delano who was coming to town to do a seminar called MIND POWER. I just had to go. Dino was quite a unique fellow for me to meet at that time. Part of his background was in psychotherapy. He told us a story of one of his patients that opened me up to a greater understanding of our beliefs and its impact on the body. As I recall this story from long ago, Dino had been asked to work with a young girl, about 15 years old, who was dying from cancer. Every possible treatment had been explored up to that point but all without results. Dino explained the child’s background. She was born to a family in which the father was a Baptist Minister. From the moment this little girl was born she had been raised in the belief that she was a sinner. Unworthiness was alive and well in her reality. Dino was able to help her change that perception and the cancer just went away.

My fascination into this aspect of how we impact our health grew to the point that in 1985 I started to write a book that was going to be titled, “WHY BOTHER WITH CANCER,”

but life took me to a bend in the road and that book never became a reality. There was one point that I wanted to include in that book that I still refer to sometimes. In a talk from cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, he explained how they had cut out the nucleus from a cell to try and determine where the intelligence for its operations came from. The result of their experiment showed that the cell carried out normal cell behavior until its demise. It appeared then that the instructions for cell behavior camefrom outside the cell. Therefore, what we think just might matter! With plasma, I always explain that it simply gives the body balance back so that the cells can do the rest. But the question is whether what we “think” has an impact on the results?

Wayne Wangler

Originally Posted November 8, 2018

Perceptions and Beliefs Form Reality Pt 2: A Tale of Two Attitudes

Here is a True Tale of Two People’s Experiences with Plasma

Margie and David

Margie was a middle-aged mom with two children.
Plasma Device: Blue Tube

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She had gone to the hospital with advanced cancer. They opened her up, did a bowel resection to remove a large tumor, stitched her back up and said there was nothing more they could do. It had spread too much. I saw the photos of the incision after coming home and it was disgusting. It looked more like a pig going to a roast than a human being at the hands of a surgeon. I just had to throw that in.
Now Margie had the attitude of a warrior. She said, “I have two children; I am too young to die. I

want to live.” I never met or talked to her but knew of her situation through a cousin of hers. This time was still quite early in our exploration of plasma but we had already developed our Blue Tube. One of these hand-held devices was sent to her.

At the time she received the Blue Tube, she was dealing with a smelly discharge coming from the incision. Within four days of using the plasma pen, the discharge had reduced by 90%. This was near Christmas time and within about ten days of using the Plasma Device she was able to go shopping for gifts with her husband. Her condition had improved that much. Within about four months she was in a normal state of health and complaining to her cousin, in jest, of course, that she was gaining too much weight.

It is important for me to attempt to make people aware that ultimately we are the lawgivers of our reality, and that no matter what condition we attempt to correct in the body, it is our individual responsibility to make the choices that determine our future.
The name of the second individual was David.
Plasma Device (Blue Tube) – Bead Tip

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I had personally known him for about five years. He was 67 years old. He had never had much spark for life in him. His background as a child was one of foster homes and family chaos. David was dealing with advanced prostate cancer. When I heard about his condition a Blue Tube, the exact same design as Margie’s, was offered to him. He gladly accepted and I took it over to him personally.

We had an open discussion about his condition in that meeting. He was dealing with a lot of pain. David was well aware of the impact of attitudes on one’s health but even with that knowledge, the statement he made gave me a picture of his probable outcome.

David said, “I have had gastrointestinal problems since I was 17 years old and I really don’t like my body. I’m not sure I even want to carry on with this life”. We received an email about two weeks after that from him. The pain had decreased immensely and he had a renewed vigor for life. But that was short lived and the old emotional program returned. He left this plane some months later in a very painful demise.

Post Script

I have always been a deep thinker and observer of life. I often contemplated why one person would get ill and someone right beside them did not.

One of the most amazing examples of this contrast came in an Oprah Show one day. They were interviewing two conjoined girls about 14 years of age. They shared the same body and there were two separate necks and heads extended from the shoulders. The amazing point in their unique condition was that one of the twins would get a cold and the other one wouldn’t. Explain that one! Well, I just tried to with the two prior stories as examples.

It is important for me to attempt to make people aware that ultimately we are the lawgivers of our reality, and that no matter what condition we attempt to correct in the body, it is our individual responsibility to make the choices that determine our future.

Wayne Wangler

Originally Posted November, 18, 2017