Enlightenment from a Raven

Sometimes nature can be a valuable teacher.

About 1 1/2 years ago we had a raven that decided it could corner our hens when they were out on afternoon "walk about" and have a meal. This is not the nature of ravens. They are not equipped like a hawk or eagle to take down a prey. But it figured out that it could wait till the potential lunch was up against a fence where it could not escape and use the tools it had to take it down. It worked the first time for it so, of course, returned for more.
The second time I just happened to be outside and heard the commotion as Sister, one of our girls, who was in a fight for her life. The shotgun had been on standby after the first incident and my preparedness cost that raven its life. I allow nature its journey but don’t mess with my domain.
So, 2 weeks ago another large raven kept landing in a fir tree directly above our “chooks". Thats Australian for chickens. Ah, another clever bird looking for lunch. Of course, I ASSUMED it had the same mandate. The shotgun was there in a moment ready to resolve, what I thought. was its intention.
One day later I was in the back off the chicken pen and I observed that one of our old hens that had a back injury had left this plane. I had known I should end life for her but was having trouble just terminating her for that reason. So, the raven was just coming in because they are carrion eaters and it was drawn to the dead bird laying right below where the raven was landing.
I realized I was coming to conclusions with only part of the information to understand the bigger picture.
So, I took this experience and overlaid it with my life and really, all of humanity. How quick we are to come to a conclusion and pick sides and even be willing to go to the extremes of destroying someone or something to support our choices and decisions but in reality we only have part of the understanding.
As I work at living my life more from “ the center of the magnet” it was a huge understanding for me to be very careful on how I come to conclusions about ANYTHING!
It takes a greater mind to be able to be able to observe reality from that lofty a level of understanding.

I’m a workin on it!!
Its called THE JOURNEY!!

May 1, 2019