Perceptions and Beliefs form Reality Pt 1: Mind Power

Miracle 9-9-17

I have always been fascinated with mind. I had two experiences in particular that could have ended people’s lives and becoming cadavers — one of which was me — but in both cases some supernatural state.

In the mid 1980s, I heard on the radio about a guy named Dino Delano who was coming to town to do a seminar called MIND POWER. I just had to go. Dino was quite a unique fellow for me to meet at that time. Part of his background was in psychotherapy. He told us a story of one of his patients that opened me up to a greater understanding of our beliefs and its impact on the body. As I recall this story from long ago, Dino had been asked to work with a young girl, about 15 years old, who was dying from cancer. Every possible treatment had been explored up to that point but all without results. Dino explained the child’s background. She was born to a family in which the father was a Baptist Minister. From the moment this little girl was born she had been raised in the belief that she was a sinner. Unworthiness was alive and well in her reality. Dino was able to help her change that perception and the cancer just went away.

My fascination into this aspect of how we impact our health grew to the point that in 1985 I started to write a book that was going to be titled, “WHY BOTHER WITH CANCER,”

but life took me to a bend in the road and that book never became a reality. There was one point that I wanted to include in that book that I still refer to sometimes. In a talk from cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, he explained how they had cut out the nucleus from a cell to try and determine where the intelligence for its operations came from. The result of their experiment showed that the cell carried out normal cell behavior until its demise. It appeared then that the instructions for cell behavior camefrom outside the cell. Therefore, what we think just might matter! With plasma, I always explain that it simply gives the body balance back so that the cells can do the rest. But the question is whether what we “think” has an impact on the results?

Wayne Wangler

Originally Posted November 8, 2018